Transects with ROV

Hello crowd!
So, we have been running a series of full transects (about 100m in length from shore to as deep as possible with a 100m tether, but starting from a boat. Here is the first edited. video of them.
Would be very grateful for any thoughts, suggestions, constructive criticism and things we should do differently…
Thanks in advance!


Loved watching this! I really like the idea of cataloging what people see on their dives with Trident because coastal and inland waters vary a lot over distance and time, and in my opinion the best way for us to really understand it well is to have lots of small sensors like Trident operated by many people. I’d love to develop software to help not only with annotating, but also sharing the ability to annotate with others. Since people are often board with already-recorded video (since the “anything can happen” factor goes away) perhaps you could look into live-streaming your dive and have viewers list what they see as the dive happens. I made a post a while ago showing how live-streaming can be done with Trident and we’re currently working on other ways to make the process even more elegant. Keep up the good work! I look forward to seeing more videos.


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Thanks for that!
The thing is we have a whole lot of more dives/transects we should work on, I am just wondering if people are actually curious to watch more videos like this? Or should they be themed? Say: One for Seagrass, more information on the habitat and the inhabitants of it?
I will also look into the live streaming option. It would be nice to be able to live stream the talking from the pilot at the same time… could be some useful information?

Thanks for sharing! Loved it!

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By now we also got another one online, you can find it here

These videos are great, thanks for sharing!

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This is one of the best documented and annotated underwater videos I’ve seen. Very educational and visually appealng. Would you mind sharing info on the video and graphic editing tools you are applying? Many thanks in advance.

Hello again!
We are using wondershare filmore for the editing, also gives the oportu ity to freeze the frame and add captions, so thats all there is to it!

If there is interest in these videos i will happily add more videos like this!