TP link AV500 Nano power line adapter with openrov controller board 2.6


Hi everyone, I’m new in using the openrov Controller board 2.6. Has anyone used a TP link AV500 Nano power line adapter with openrov controller board 2.6?
I’m stuck at the connecting of the communication board with the controller board 2.6 as the communication board does not have any female or male heads for me to connect to the controller board.


Hi Kee Siz Zhe,

The controllerboard is currently wired to a specific model of the TP link adapter. Its a bit of a tight fit, but you would more than likely need a small pcb as an interface board to map the pins around. Can you post a picture of what the TP link AV500 internals look like?



Hi Brian,

You mentioned that the controller board is wired to a specific model of TP link adapter, what model will that be?


internals of TP link AV500 nano powerline adapter



The homeplug adapter that is used with the controller board is made by Tenda, specifically a Tenda P200. This is also sold in the USA under the brand name of Medialink. See the following links for background information:




I modified the TP-Link AV200 nano, which works well:

The AV500 seems to have a very similar design, so maybe this will help you.



Hi Walt, thank you for your info on the tenda home plug.



Hi Stefan, thank you for the link… I’ll try it out later to see if it works for the AV500.



Hi everyone, I’m connecting the components together for my project. I’m stuck at the connection of the tether cable(blue & yellow twisted cable) as I’m not using the normal motor. I will be using the video ray pro4 thruster with the motor in the thruster, so I’m not sure how to connect the wires to the motor due to the motor being on the outside of my haul.

Can anyone help me?


Hi Stefan,

I saw that you connected the 3.3v(red wire)and ground (black)wires from the AV200, however I can’t see where the other ends of the 2 wires are connected to.

Is it possible for you to send me a photo of where you connect them to?