Total systems failure



I don’t know if anyone can help me, but it does seem that the main controller board has either failed or the Ethernet plug on the controller is no good.

I had used this several times before and everything was fine and I was able to connect to the cockpit and make everything work. Today, total failure on all counts. I had noticed beforehand that the entire system was restarting randomly, but didn’t think anything of it. Right now, there is hardly any power, there is a high pitched whine from the ethernet plug on the main controller and no communication at all! All I get is a very dim power LED and that’s all! I have removed the ethernet plug and tested the other components. The BBB is fine from what can see, servo is fine and everything else looks OK. I plug the ethernet back into the board and everything fails again.

I had not done a thing but leave it on my table ready to calibrate the lasers, nothing changed. Obviously something on here is loading down and I cannot pinpoint it. I think some new components are in order here.

Aron KAtz


I’ve had this happen to me when I damaged one of my batteries by discharging it too much. If you have a voltmeter, check the voltages on your batteries and see if you’ve got a proper ~3.3V consistently on each one.


Thanks again, that was the issue. I am still unaware of what all those batteries are suppose to do if its being powered on and off with the top side comms box. Anyhow, the whole port side was drained badly and getting them up and charged again, everything came back to life!


Glad to hear you have the system back up and running.

The power from the topside box is just a 5V signal to turn the ROV on. All the power for the electronics, motors, lights, and all ROV components comes from the batteries.


No problem. All of the power comes from the batteries. When you connect the topside box, all that is doing is sending a signal to the ROV to turn the power on. This keeps your robot from draining the batteries when not in use. Typically, you’ll want to keep your battery voltage level above 6.5-7V or so (can’t remember the exact level). Also, you want to make sure that all of your batteries are charged to roughly the same level (within a tenth or so of a volt), so you should never have one battery at 3.0V while the rest are at 3.3V.

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