Total Novice to ROV's


Hi everyone

I am new to the world of ROV’s and would like to understand how they work. Are there any Youtube clips or websites that show how they work? I am not new to UAV’s however and understand about ESC’s etc etc. I’m not too sure on buoyancy and being buoyancy neutral. How is this attained?

I have an idea in my head on where I want to go and what software I would like to incorporate, but I need to learn to walk first.

Thanks for any help, links and info



That might get you started!


If you’re really serious about learning to build and operate your own ROVs, you should get hold of the MATE text “Underwater Robotics” and read it cover to cover. It’s expensive but worth the price.

Note that Amazon charges 2X the price of buying it direct.



Thanks for the links.

I found the Seaperch build site and I think for now this would help me work things out.

I want to get an understanding of things before I go for a big buck purchase as this is a new hobby for me and I dont want to invest too much money to start with. I am sure I will like it as I used to be a diver, but I have issues with my ear and can not dive as deep as I used to.