Topside Interface 2.6 problems


I have the version 1.1 homeplug adapter and the OpenROV Top Side Interface Rev 2.6 and have attempted to wire it up with F-F jumpers as described in

When I connect it to the computer and the ROV, the ROV does turn on, but no lights on the topside homeplug adapter nor the Top Side Interface turn on (not the power, Ethernet, homeplug lights on the Topside adapter, nor any lights on the homeplug nor the Ethernet atapter on computer or homeplug).

I have checked the voltage output from the topside interface (3.3 v) and checked the continuity on all connections (good), so don't know where to begin to troubleshoot. I don't have an extra homeplug adapter available to swap out.

Any suggestions appreciated.




Upon trying again I was able to get lights on the homeplug addapter indicating that Ethernet was connected and the board was powered, so I tried to connect with the browser and was able to reach the ROV.

I could not get the ROV to respond to any commands however. The cockpit did load with an initial photo from the webcam, but no video. The lights on the Topside Adapter never lit up (maybe it is not supposed to when using this version of the homeplug adapter???). If I refreshed the cockpit page, a new photo was downloaded from the ROV. No other data was displayed and it indicated a FPS of 1.

Will keep troubleshooting, any suggestions would be great.




Hi Jason:

Does your ROV work correctly if you bypass the Homeplug adapters, and run a RJ-45 Ethernet cable directly from your laptop to the BeagleBone? Once you have this verified, then you'll know whether the problems you're seeing are the result of homeplug issues or software issues.

With the homeplug adapters, if there are three lights shining, then they should be transmitting data just fine. On your topside box, you'll have to look at the LEDs directly on the Tenda homeplug board- the LEDs on the blue topside adapter 2.6 board won't light up, because they are designed to interface to signals coming from the Tenda version 2 homeplug adapters.

Hope this helps.