Topside Adapter Problems


Hi so I just completed putting all the electronics together and I've checked to make sure the battery connections are good. Now though when i plug the topside adapter into the USB and the ethernet cable not all 3 lights will turn on only the power light and the ethernet light will turn on and the ethernet light is orange.

Is there something I'm missing? What can I check?

Thanks in advance, Patrick.


For me that problem happens when the homeplug on the control board isn't seated all the way. The homeplug connector under the beagle bone USB can come undone depending on how everything is squished together.


Hmm I've gone back and checked to make sure all the connections were made and everything looks to be in good order. Still having issues with Homeplug


I had also problems with home plug adapters. The latest solution: I have completely removed RJ45 sockets and solder network cables directly to the adapter board. Now the adapter is much lower and can fit perfectly to the controller board. On the topside it would be great if with next version of the board USB plug is moved to the side.

- Grega