Top side adapter STL?


I bought the Open ROV2.8 dev kit and am looking to 3d print the topside adapter box.
I don’t want it to get damaged just leaving it out anyone know where I can find this?



You can find all OpenROV parts in the github directory.

The topside box can be found here.



Since I do not have a 3D printer I got a quote from Pololu Electronics to laser cut the Topside case from 3 mm clear acrylic.
Since their minimum charge is $25USD they quoted me three cases for $25USD.
I then decided to have Pololu Electronics quote me a price for the Topside Case and the Electronics Tube which came to $81USD including shipping.


Thank you!!!
I have it printing now, I’m printing it at .2mm and a 15% infill to test.
I will post some pictures when it’s done!