Tiny missing acrylic part from 2.6 kit


Hi, my kit seems to be missing this tiny part that goes on top of the internal structure (see picture below, from the 2.6 guide).

I've emailed info@openrov.com but they haven't responded yet; I'm hoping they will soon.

But in the mean-time, does anyone know how important this part really is? It's very small... I have some old plexiglass lying around that I might be able to fashion into something close to that shape if necessary.


I still haven't heard back from info@openrov.com about this missing part.

But I realized, since the designs are all open-source (wonderful!), I could simply download them and get this one little part cut somewhere, maybe at a local maker space or from an online company that will do this for some small fee. The part is tiny; it shouldn't cost too much.

Have others had to do this for a missing part (or, just to build the entire kit themselves from sources)? Any recommendations for an online store that will cut & mail me the part?

I found http://www.pololu.com/laserquote/new but I have never done this before ... any pointers would be nice.



It's not extremely important, it is one of the tree anchor points where you are going to glue the cylinder around the propeller. You will be able to glue it as well when you will come at this point. You can see it step 32 and 33.

Good luck!


OK, thanks JYC.

OpenROV just responded today! They will send me the missing part ... phew :)