TIlt angle for ROV camera assembly


The ROV cam has a tilt function...? If o deg is straight up, 90 deg is straight ahead, what would be the max tilt up...? Max tilt down


The tilt is restricted by the servo which can do 180 degrees of rotation.

The other restriction is with the mechanical limits of the swing arm that the camera sits on and the wiring in the ROV.

two values that you can play with to change the tilt of the camera are 800 & 2300 which is where I have mine set to but I am not using the same camera mount as in the OpenROV. If I recall these were 900,2100

Camera Tilt Servo

void CameraMount::device_loop(Command command){
if (command.cmp("tilt")) {
if ((command.args[1] > 800) && (command.args[1] < 2300)){
tilt_val = command.args[1];
cameraMountdata::CMTG = tilt_val;

physics.mapTiltServo = function (value) {
value = limit(value, -1, 1);
return mapA(value, -1, 1, 800, 2300);


Great info ... Thank you...