Hello Guys, I am new in this forum. Can someone provide the details of thrusters used in the ROV?


NO ONE!!!!???
no one knows the details, please help me out.


Hello Vivek,

Welcome to the forum and we are glad to have you on it asking questions.The propulsion system of OpenROV version 2.6 is comprised of three brushless motors and three propellers. The motors are 800KV Brushless Motor and there are two different propellers. The propellers are made by Graupner and there is a left hand model and a right hand model so that the horizontal propellers are counter rotating. The third one (either left or right handed) is for the vertical direction. The build guide for the ROV can be round here and talks about how these parts are assembled together.

Hopefully this gets you started and please feel free to post any additional questions you have about the system.

-Brian Grau