Thruster motor corrosion issues and prevention?


Looking at the OpenROV 2.5 I see that the brushless motors are completely exposed. I've read that others have done this in the past and in freshwater it's probably not much of an issue. But in salt water I suspect that the fine copper wires won't last long. Has anyone taken any measures to prevent / reduce corrosion? Dipping the rotor in epoxy is what others have tried (or so I've read) but I have no personal experience with this. Anyone?


Hi Stretch,

I’ve recently posed this question in another thread.

Assuming that the excesd epoxy around rotor/stator can be machined down to a reasonable tolerance, then I suspect this would help to prevent saltwater corrosion on this component.

I’ll be trialling this in the next few weeks and will get back to you.



I'll be looking forward to hearing your results. I don't know if this will help, but I remember reading about how others did this in articles on the old Yahoo robotrov group. IIRC they used a very thin, penetrating epoxy and then removed the excess using a lathe. Never tried it myself so was hoping someone else here has.