This is my


this video is my OPENROV

As said last time, i changed ESCs that can change direction(REVERSE/FORWARD).

and change Duct(Propeller).

But As you can see, Rov is not going under the water.

I weighed heavy on the front of the bar, but it`s same,


Just ROV dip in water, No Activation Motor.

Upper Duct(for going underwater) sink underwater?

i think if upper Duct is sinked underwater, ROV can dive easily.

it that right? :)

i want to see Rov that sinked underwater without no motor activation.

Can you show it? :)


From 13 seconds to look :)


I think your problem is that the rov need to be a bit more heavy, its to light, so you need to add some weight to the bottom of the rov. maybe some metal rods along the battery tubes.

the goal is that the rov is just slightly positive boyant, you should be able to push it easy down in the water.