Third Dive, making progress


Dear Open-Forum,

i accomplished my third dive today and overall i making progress! I pretty much fixed all the issues from the first dive First test in the field, miscellaneous issues

This time we went to a lake nearby that (luckily) features water with decent visibility. We did a first dive up to 10 metres (so proud :slight_smile: ).

Also i got some nice footage of a fish swarm:

However some other issues occurred:

  • I faced a small leakage in the right battery tube. I noticed that the ROV was sinking slightly so i came back to shore and checked. I assume that from crashing in to the sand at an earlier point moved the battery end cap a tiny bit, so some water entered during that crash, the other possibility is a small piece of debris on the o ring. Luckily the batteries still looked fine and no actual damage occurred. I also noticed (i guess a deliberate but useful feature) that the ROV also works with one battery tube intact (well done OpenROV team!)
  • Also i still have massives issues with tether management. I was too lazy to attach the floaters yet (and too exited to not dive) so the tether laid on the sand ground and when the ROV returned - of course - the tether was tangled in the lake. I did not try to untangle with the ROV because of the leakage so finally we pulled the whole tether from the top box side through the lake. This happened with medium resistance and medium strain (maybe 5 - 10 kilos force or so) on the tether, it still looks fine but i am bit worried that it suffered deeper damage, that might be severe at a later dive. Any experiences with this? How much damage etc. can the tether handle?

All the best!

A rov on wheels!

Hey, well done. Looks like you’re making great progress. Glad you’ve found some clearer water.

We have high winds and terrible weather here so nothing will happen this weekend.