Thickness of acrylic used in the body


I'm just about to start ordering the main acrylic to be laser cut for the ROV body, but I'm getting conflicting links with the US BOM v2.3. The main body (blue) is listed on the BOM as 0.118" but is linked to 1/8" acrylic on mcmastercarr. The clear sheet is also listed .118" and links to a 7/64" piece, which is thinner than .118". The white is listed as 1/8" and links to 1/8".

Is all of the acrylic supposed to be standard 1/8" or are the links correct?



It's all supposed to be 1/8th inch. (3mm is actually more accurate.)


Alright, you guys might want to take a look at the BOM links then. Thanks.