Thickness of acrylic material used for Topside Adapter case


I would like to use the OpenROV V2.7 Topside Adapter DFX file to get the Adapter parts laser cut. The V2.7 Topside Adapter DFX file appears to secify 3 mm thick material whereas in the assembly pictures the material appears to be 6 mm thick. Which is the correct thickness of the material used to make the Topside Adapter?


The acrylic that is used for the topside box is 3mm. What pictures are you referring to? The instructions use the same thicknesses that the kit ships with.


Hi Brian,
Thanks for the quick response, much appreciated.
The acrylic in the pictures of the Topside Adapter assembly instructions looked much thicker than 3 mm so I wanted to verify that the material thickness was indeed as specified in the DFX file.


Sounds good…measure twice, cut once :slight_smile: always good to double check!

Good luck with your build!


Thanks for the response, much appreciated.
If anyone is interested in building the Topside Adapter case, Polulu can do the laser cutting using the Topside Adapter DFX file. However, their minimum charge is $25USD so you have to buy three sets unless you have other DFX file components to meet the $25USD minimum cutting charge.