Thermal Imaging


Just saw this on the Digikey website, that would be a cool (no pun intended) addition for future versions. Optical and thermal imaging :o)


Ahh yes- I’ve seen these! I think Jim_N and the guys in the autonomous systems lab at NASA Langley had some that they were playing around with. Unfortunately, IR travels through water about as well as visible light travels through wood. I suspect that thermally generated IR would be completely absorbed in only a few mm of water :frowning:

USB Infra red camera

The lepton is neat. I have played a bit with it on a Pi B+. However, thermal imagery in water is a no go. Water has a very high heat capacity, meaning that it can absorb large amounts of heat and not change radiate a comparable change. IR/thermal radiation is immediately attenuated. What that means is that the water surrounded a person for instance, does not transmit the heat outwards like in air, it gets absorbed by the water and does not reach the cameras lens.


But how well does IR spectrum penetrate underwater. From what I’ve read, the best that anyone has been able to do is about 10 to 15 meter distance and that is with augmented IR illumination.


It certainly warms that deep but not much further. Sun angle and location on the planet matters as well. Now talking about resolving heat emitting bodies that’s a different story. 1m or there abouts. Remember, IR is heat. I assume your referring to the mil spec diving goggles … About 2 m if your lucky. And I question the validity of that. Otherwise we’d all be using them…for a million different reasons lol