[THEME] Simple theme


A very simple interface with the focus on the camera.
Easy to install, and easy to enable / disable while driving (Works like a plugin)
Only tested with Release 2.5.1 (RC5)

Github link:


Simple Theme and 30.0.3
Stingray in Lake Merritt
Hiding the telemetry in the cockpit
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Monthly Expedition Day


Nice work guys, i really like your theme Joakim

ill check it out as soon as possible.

Thank you very much


This is awesome with the full screen! Thanks for sharing it!


This is so, so cool! I want this on my ROV!


Very cool use of the whole screen. Wow!


Really nice! Grymt jobbat :slight_smile:


Very nice! I'll be trying this on my ROV. :)


How do I install this cockpit?


This is awesome! It works like a charm! Thanks!!!

  1. Download the code from the github link above and remove the "-master" off the end.
  2. In your OpenROV dashboard (, start the network share
  3. On a mac (I haven't done it on windows) while in Finder, press Command+K
  4. A window pops up. Enter in the address: smb:// and click connect
  5. It will ask for credentials. I've signed in using Guest or Name: rov Password: OpenROV
  6. A new Finder window will open and you can see all the directories.
  7. From here, navigate to /opt/openrov/cockpit/src/plugins
  8. Drop that renamed folder in this plugins folder
  9. Now stop and then start the OpenROV cockpit from the dashboard again. You can also stop the network share at this point as well.
  10. Enable the theme from Settings->Plugins to Enable/Disable
  11. Enjoy!


So i need to be online to use the cockpit theme?


You only need to be connected to the internet to get the github files.

You will need to have your OpenROV powered up and connected to your computer to add the plugin files from your computer onto the OpenROV using the above steps.


I am a Windows user and I got it to work using Internet Explorer (Chrome doesn't work) and the steps Mike listed.

It doesn't however, stay after you do a cold reboot of the ROV. Is there anyway to make this persistent? Or integrate it into the next software release?


Sorry, it has no IE support so far. Maybe next version :/


Beautiful! I love this skin.


I have fixed a new telemetry. However, not stable yet and does not support all value types.


No worries, I'm just glad we have one in the works!


Now I've got it working, but only for once. After reboot it is gone from the plugin folder :(


I have tried this, but after clicking "Network share" no window is popping up. I have to manually go to(Windows+E) and paste the link ( /opt/openrov/cockpit/src/plugins) there. Then I can enter the "Simple Theme" folder in that directory.

And how can I reboot the ROV without pulling the USB power cord?


A perfect plugin Thanks.