The two motors reverse at the same dirction


i have just assemble the ROV2.8kit yestoday,but when i try the motors,the port and the startboard motors are not the oppsite dirction,the port motor and the startboard motor are running both the clockwise or the counter-clockwise,so when i try the ROV in the pool,it always rotates,not runing forwards,or runing back.why?what should i do to solve the problem?


You can easily resolve this by changing the rotation of one of the thrusters in the settings menu.
Additional information can be found in the [Operators guide] ( (step 23)


yes,i know that,but in my opinion,what the Operators guide mean is when you assemble the motors,it can work right.the step23 is just a test step,so everytime i want to pilot my ROV,i have to reverse the port motor or the startboard motor.may be i am confused.


Maybe, my advice was misleading. And yes step 23 does not actually deal with this topic: See this guide (step 93)

You have to check one of the checkboxes stating “Reverse starboard thruster” or “Reverse port thruster”, simply test which one works. This setting is saved and you should never worry about the turn directions again.


yes,thank you very much.i did that and began my first i think whether i can change the arduion code ,on that case we have just change the positive to negative?do you have any idea on how to change it ?