The Start of the Journey - Step 1


oROV #471 arrived but the batteries had to be ordered separately directly from China. Curious that they could not be shipped from the States to Canada but can be couriered from half way round the world in 10 days.

Shenzhen Sunsky Technology charged me $191.62 USD via PayPal for 12 batteries and 2 chargers. $48 USD of the total was for DHL Courier service.

I thought the 12 vdc plug might be a useful addition and the extra cost was negligible.

Documentation for the shipment was a little sketchy but the package did have this DHL label attached which apparently makes them legal to ship. If you are curious you can find the criteria for Packing Instruction 966 Section II on the DHL website.

Shenzhen Sunsky website

I visited my local plastics shop and got a small bottle of a combination of Wed-On 3 and 4 that they use for their acrylic welding. Apparently the mixture leaves a nice clear professional finish to the joints. Hopefully I can start construction in the next day or two, right after I finish reading "Zero to Maker"!

I'll keep you posted on the progress.