The Rov Needs More Stuff You Can Buy For It Like Accesorys



This Is My Own Thing I Have Used Rovs For 5 Years Now

1. a Flote

2.a Robotic Arm

3.a case and Monitor A portible Storage And Viewing And Contrulling Cace

Sorry For MY inability To Spell


but i havent buyed one of thees rovs yet


I also think this is a good idea. While I imagine OpenROV may someday have some of these items in the store, we may find it more or equally useful to offer items for sale amongst each other. I believe this would go a long way in further advancing the OROV technology.

For instance, if Hub offered this for sale I'd line up for one. It would allow me to start quickly and add to anm already proven system instead of struggling to start from scratch. And, I am sure they are countless of other examples of useful add-ons others have done.

Perhaps David would consider adding a "For Sale" category to the forums. Just a thought.



This is a good idea. First off, I completely agree that we need all of those things. I'm eager to try Hub's arm - it looks awesome.

I'm very open to helping people "productize" their add ons and help get them out to the community. As you can imagine, making a 100 or 1,000 of something at a specific price point is quite a different beast than making a prototype. More on this soon!


Hi David

I just finished making a sample of a "kit" and will send it to you. So you can see, wether you can make your own kit to be sold by Openrov. I add a pitcure of the "kit" here, so people can see which parts I used. None of the parts are critical, so maybe the picture enables others to make their own grabber. what I did not add is the little wheels on the outer part of the coupler(not absolutely neccessary under wet conditions, you can alternatively also apply some silicone-grease) and the cylindrical float which I used to compensate the weight.

Above you see my grabber with the float and the wheels, below are the parts as I send it to you. you probalbly need to click on the picture to see it completely.



I have used ROVs for no years, but I'm putting together one and I too have been reflecting on extensibility. One thing that I would like to see is some sort of water quality or water composition sensor. I don't know how practical this is but being able to make some chemical observations about the water might be kind of cool.


Nice! Im looking forward to buying one! Is there a software update needed for this too?


Hello Aaron,

The timing of this post is very strange, in a very good way :)

I had the pleasure of attending David Lang's talk at MakerFaire this weekend and while waiting for the presentation to start, I struck up a great conversation with Patrick Di Justo who was selling books near the stage. He co-authored "Environmental Monitoring with Arduino" . We spoke specifically about the chapter on measuring water conductivity/quality.

Check out the resources bellow. I encourage you to get the book ( I would be of disservice to share the entire chapter, the e-book is only $5), try the experiment and share your results with us. Patrick is very approachable, I imagine you could contact him through O'Reilly and can offer more insight into his experiment as well.

(click the image to read)



I was thinking of a way to mark a spot while exploring with the OROV, like with a float or something. The idea is that if it's something interesting on the bottom you on the surface would like to pinpoint its location. Sorry if this was already discussed!