The ROV Manual (2nd Edition)


Hey Guys,

Bob Wernli and I are proud to announce the imminent release of the Second Edition of The ROV Manual. It is available through Amazon or most other commercial book retailers. See:


Comments on the text are welcome. We plan on a 3rd edition some time in the future and would like feedback as we continue to develop the text into a general "How-To" for ROV pilots and technicians.


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Hey Bob,

Great to have you here! The ROV Manual is a great resource - I have it sitting on my desk here. Highly recommended. Exciting to hear about the second edition.


PS. Hopefully the 3rd edition will have an OpenROV mention!


The first edition, coupled with Bohm's text, was responsible for my first ROV. I've been using the 1st edition for a new ROV build, excellent resource indeed.