The flashing process never stop


(OpenROV2.8 w/ 30.0.3)
After I inserted the microSD card into the BBB and plug the USB wire into the BBB to power it up the USER LED never stop blinking.
I have repeated this steps and used two different microSDs. All have the same problems. Please help.



There are two different versions of the OROV2.8 software.

One is flashable (30.0.3 ROV FLASH IMAGE) while the other (30.0.3 ROV SD CARD IMAGE) is intended to run from the SD card and is not flashable.

Which one are you trying to using?

I use the SD CARD IMAGE and it works fine.



I first used SD CARD IMAGE, the LEDs kept blinking forever.
Then, I used FLASH IMAGE. It works.
But now I have another problems connecting to

The middle LED, Homeplug Connect, was on at the beginning but eventually off.

Still no help.