Tether set up


Hi all,

Can any one give me (or point me in the right direction) the wiring set up for the tether from the surface to the ROV. I've searched high and low but can not find any documentation on it. Specifically I am after which pins need to wired up on the LAN connector

thanks in adavnced



Hey Jamie!

Are you building an ROV using a set of Homeplug adapters to communicate? If that's the case, you should be able to get all the info you need by looking through this wiki page or watching this video. If your confusion is about which of the two wires in the tether go to which pin- it doesn't matter! The way the homeplug adapters communicate makes it so the two wires can be switched and the system will still work just fine. I hope this helps, but let us know if you're still not sure what to do.

Best of luck!



Hi Eric

yes, using home plug adapter. I'm confused now ;-( the tether leads of the ROV to the surface which runs into the home plug adapter there. So if I understadmn you then, it doesn;t matter which wire goes were, ie I can just duplicate what is at the toher end or do i need to swicth it? Its not entirely sure from the video or wiki page (unless I've just had a guy look and not looked proporerly!)

thanks Eric



Yep- you can have either of the two wires plug into either of the two communication pins on the homeplug adapter. Here's a diagram just to clarify.

Thanks for pointing out that we're missing this in the instructions. I'll make sure to point it out in the next set of documentation for v2.5 (which we're working on now).



Magic! Thanks Eric



Hi Eric,

well I did all that, and now have the tether from the topside adapter hooked into a port. Problem is I can now not access the camera. If I remove the connector to the beagle bone and hook the the beagle bone directly to the port, I can then access the camera. With the topside adapter etc hooked in, I get an continuous orange and continous green light from the lan port on the beagle bone. Am I just missing something (eg will this only work if I have a static IP address from my computer and do I have to hook up the topside adapter directly to my computer) or should it work going through the network?




Hi Jamie You need to set your IP address on the Laptop Lan Adapter to as one example. The BB has an IP address of

then browse to This would be the same even if you did not use the adapters and had a patch cable between the BB and your laptop.

for troubleshooting you can use a patch cable then once you have that working switch over to using the adapters.