Tether material testing and wet plugs


There has been mention of testing different tethers and also wet plugs. Is there some place where testing data has been aggregated? I see mention of a spreadsheet on the

Has anyone modified their ROV to use wet plugs yet? Is there a reason other then cost it hasn't been done?


Hi Brett:

I think for most people its an issue of cost. At some point we may have to go with SeaCon / Subconn connectors if we want a removable tether, but we're hoping to find something significantly cheaper. New ideas for this are always welcome!


Point of clarification on the db-25 wiring diagram. Is the I2C wires coming from inside the electronics tube? mean that 21 wires are coming in through the end cap?



The 4 I2C wires shown on the DB-25 connector are meant to go through the endcap. As you say, the plans currently say to bring 21 wires through the endcap- 9 motor wires, 4 battery wires, 2 tether wires, 4 I2C wires, and 2 spares.


Are there plans for the other 4 wires internally? Or can I future proof a bit and run the other 4 out as well?


You can run the other 4 out (I assume you mean the DB-25 leads that will connect to TP222-TP25) as well. It just takes a bit more wire, and you have to be a bit more careful when you are potting the endcap, since the pass-thru hole will have less room for epoxy to flow.