Tether managemnt


I tried a 200’ dive yesterday and had a heck of a time managing the tether drag. It was calm but the boat was free drifting so that movement didn’t help. I have read previous discussions for a drop or clump weight and want to rig something up. Anchoring would be an option and the rode would give you a visual reference to follow to the bottom which might be nice.

I am thinking the easiest option would be a 4lb weight attached to a fishing rod with a carabiner to run the tether through. I think it would be good to do a short length of light fishing line or a downrigger clip so the tether could be broken away if needed. Plan to keep the weight well off the bottom to avoid snagging something.

Any other thoughts on managing tether drag would be appreciated. Very curious in seeing what’s in the deep. Yesterday I saw shrimp, sea pens, lots of a long skinny pink fish I haven’t identified yet, flounder and the sea bed was filled with holes from some creature. Unfortunately the video was horribly shaky due to fighting the tether, but I will try to capture some video stills to post.

Merry Christmas! Trident’s the best present of the season, even if I bought it myself


A clip of horribly shaky/bouncy video at 200’ but saw a couple things.

Today I tried again. Tried dropping the Trident down with a 4lb weight on a fishing rod and a carabiner hooked to the tether. I thought when it got to the bottom the Trident would be able to pull some tether through the carabiner but there was too much current and it was just stuck by the weight. Then tried diving to 200’ first then dropping the weight down but somehow that managed to get the tether a bit wrapped in the fishing line a bit. Was able to untangle it but no luck.

Dropped anchor and that helped but still had lots of drag from the tether at that depth. Next time will try getting a larger carabiner and ring to let the tether run through and try dropping the weight directly down the anchor line, seems like too many lines spread around the boat is a recipe for a tangled mess. Will post another clip when I get footage edited lots of shrimp and a couple sculpin and Tanner crab today.