Tether Floats


Solid foam floats such as the mini foam footballs shown below might work as tether floats although im shure with time they would need replacing their shape would almost eliminate tether tangle.

alternatively a hole could be drilled through tennis balls the tether fed through and then the balls filled with expanding foam. although experimentation is needed to get the correct distances between tether balls.


You can order the tethers pretty much any way you would like - though most of the commercial vendors have a 1000 ft min.

Their are also some very good underwater connectors, so you can plug and unplug your ROV from a short pigtail with no problem. I will leave some of that info when I'm here next time. (I also have some extra tether from time to time)

You can order a zero-buoyancy tether - they don't float but they also do not drag on your ROV.

If you need a robust outer core or a self-healing inner lining that will fill voids cause by cut and abrasion or something that can handle 20 tons - you can order them all.