Test Run - Open ROV 2.8


Good Afternoon!

I am from Vancouver Island and am looking at purchasing the Open ROV 2.8. I have been in contact with the Open ROV team, who have been absolutely incredible to deal with so far! I did have some questions about purchasing it which they have answered incredibly fast. The suggested posting on here to see if anyone locally had an Open ROV 2.8 to see if I could see it in action before purchasing. I am also looking for a little bit more information about the ease of assembly and use.

I am new to this type of technology and am looking for a little guidance.

Thank you!


I can report a little from the built progress. The assembly itself is very interesting and it is fascinating to see your creation grow. The whole process is very well documented on this website: http://openrov.dozuki.com/c/OpenROV_v2.8_(Kit_Assembly)#guideList The built for sure is doable! Just keep in mind you do need some additional tools and items to built. (Those are listed too on that website).

The finished ROV is easy to use, but i am still beginning my exploration :slight_smile:

This forum is very helpful in all matters that arise during built and use. Overall my experience is extremely positive!


Awesome! Thank you for your response. I am glad to hear that it isn’t to difficult to build the ROV!

How about the image quality? Are you able to easily decipher what you’re seeing?

Thanks! :smile:


My diving experience is still limited, in general the camera does 1080p recording which is nice. From my experience it most important to have lakes or a sea that feature clear water, because otherwise the vision is very limited.


Ok great! Thank you for your reply. I really appreciate your help.