Tenda p200 mirror image


Hi All,

I've got a rov ver 2.6 board and a tenda p200 ver 2 adapter. Its the mirror image of the version 1 and the instructions for the ROV guys says that instructions re what needs to be changed will be up soon., I can not find them. I'm hoping its just a matter of reversing the adapter on the ROV board but hey, its never that easy! anyone know if that will work or if there are instructions anywhere about what needs to be done?




See the blog post here

We'll eventually put the same info on Dozuki, but we've got a bunch of other stuff to work on there first.



Hi Walt,

thanks mate, appreciate that. I'm just a tad confused now. If I have the rov 2.6 board and the version 2.0 tendra then I can just slot it driectly onto the rov board? Yes? If i do this that then means the lan connection is now hard up against the Esc modules, which is reversed from the images on the instruction manuals.



809-photo1.JPG (105 KB)


Hi Jamie

Just had a look at mine. It looks like you did it right or we both did it wrong. The ESCs are tight but they fit with a little work. I just fit them in loose. I think you can see the instructions on YouTube I found them very helpful (no sound though).

Hope you’re enjoying your build as much as I am. Good luck


Hi Dave

thanks mate. How does that saying go, "great minds think alike" or "fools never differ"?