Tenda homeplug problem


We have an OPenROV v2.5B. We put it together and everything was working fine until a week ago. We now have a problem with the connection between the topside adapter and the ROV. We narrowed the problem down to the homeplug adapters.

In stores here we can only find the new version of the adapters.

Can we use the new version of the adapters with the 2.5B OpenROV? I know we have to make some custom connections and we do not mind if the homeplug does not fit in the housing of the OpenROV since we are using our own body and we have plenty of space. That mean that the homeplug can be away from the board and can be connected to it using wires we can solder from the homeplug to the board.


  • Only the middle LED blinks on the topside homeplug.
  • The two outer LEDs are ON on the ROV homeplug.
  • On the ethernet connection of the Beaglebone we have a green and yellow light ON when connected to the ROV homeplug.

What we did so far and still have the same problem:

  • Connected a regular ethernet cable between the PC and the OpenROV (directly to the Beaglebone black) everything works fine.
  • Reset the adapters. We are not sure if both reset correctly since the behave differently when we press the reset button
  • Checked and redid all the connections again on the homeplug adapters
  • Put a new cable between the bottom adapter and the BBB
  • Loaded a new image on the BBB

Someone please help since we need to complete this for a University project and we are running out of time.

Thanks in advance.