Tenda Homeplug adapter P200 vs. P1000



on the weekend I have tried to work on my Tenda homeplug adapter. Over the Christmas vacation I had bought a Tenda homeplug in Europe and had a friend deliver it to me here in Singapore. Whilst I specifically ordered a P200 (New Version), the shop delivered a P1000… they ment well, and it looks the same, the problem is the pins are completely off. :slight_smile: (my curiosity did not allow me to just send it back, I had to open it up and see whats inside… guess that killed the chance of a retour.)

Q1: Is there a benefit of using a 1000mbit model? (if not the issue ends here as I did already order a 2nd batch of P200 from Amazon)

Q2: Has by any chance someone looked into the Pin configuration of a P1000? As I do not have a P200 to compare… From the first look the basics look the same: two boards (assuming one for the power and connection to the socket and the other for the data RX…)… but as I said, PINS differ

If Q1 is a clear NO, I might not want to waste too much time to start playing around with it. If Q1 is a maybe or a yes, I might invest a bit more time and start playing with it…

Attached the Power and RXTX board as FYI…incase anyone has a quick input.

Greetings Carsten
6-Tenda1000Mbit_RXTX_Module.JPG (495 KB)
7-Tenda_1000Mbit_PowerModule.JPG (490 KB)


Hi Carsten:

When operating over a tether that supports the full rate of the adapter, there's no particular advantage of these P1000 units, since the Ethernet port to the BeagleBone Black is 100Base-T, 100 Mbps.

Now that being said, we chose to use the 200 Mbps adapters because they were the cheapest and were known to work well. It may turn out that one of the faster homeplug standards (500 Mbps or 1000 Mbps) works better over very long cable lengths- we haven't done those experiments yet, so we just don't know. For the time being, we don't have any plans to move away from 200 Mbps.

I haven't looked at one of these P1000 units, so I can't address your question #2.