Telescopic Spear



Prototype spear.

I finally got round to playing with the spear idea.:

Could be effective spear fishing payload for ROV. Possibly the lion fish problem. I hope to use it to individually catch scallops as alternative to dredging

I am looking into re-flashing the atmel on the esc to produce faster response. Still not sure how to stop the motor when it gets to the end or fully returned. As it still runs at extremities and wares out the roller.

256-100_1007.JPG (2.63 MB) 257-100_1006.JPG (3.3 MB)


Spear update:

Speed seems good even with 8mm roller- could go faster with bigger roller- plenty of power.

Still waiting on a atmel usb programmer to re-flash the ESC to decrease response time, stop the rollers burning out and add reverse function.

Got acs712 to monitor current and switch of when it goes above 3amps to stop at the ends.


David, did you get the spear mounted on an ROV yet?


Lost my user id/pass word in the forum switch over know fishingrov.

The short answer is no. But lots of progress: knew roller made from tyre rubber much more durable, simon k firmware on the cheap ESCs allowed reverse and much better response, current monitoring with arduino allowed auto stop- still needs some tweeking, the spring recoils in a funnel.

I have been quite busy with the ROV development itself. I still havent got the BB speaking to the arduino yet- think the fuse bits were set wrong. Logic shift and avrdude getsink errors had be beet and I needed some practical work.

Currently working on a buck converter for tether power, pressure test chamber, lipo balance ciruit and through hulls. Lots to learn about electronics, programming and a mass of work you have to get my head round.

Many thanks