Teething problems



Thank you all for ROV design and help so far.

I have now brought the ROV to a local lake and have started to learn to drive. I am having problems doing this simple as it sounds, I find it very difficult to maintain a bearing even with the ROV on the surface. I am using a computer keyboard and its problematical to get it to go where one desires. Perhaps it will take practice or does anyone have the same problem.

I have attached an IMU but do not see any data , where ought this be.Wiring is complete but nothing shows on the screen.

The most serious potential problem I had however is that the cable got snagged on rocks in the lake and I had envisioned having to strip off naked and swim to rescue the ROV had the cable got cut. Luckily I pulled it in but there was a lot of tension on the cable. Would anyone recommend attaching a rope to the ROV just in case, however its bad enough having to manage the tether cable without worrying about another feed. Any suggestions, trouble is most lakes in this neck of the woods have rocks, some are sharp and often its hard to discern where they are especially under water.

The final problem I encountered was that there were disconnections in the communications, at times the connection icon on the bottom left of the screen would turn red and remain for some minutes. One one occasion the ROV did not respond to commands and I had to disconnect and haul it out of the water.Any ideas what causes these problems.

Thank you.