Tech Ed Class Beginner Questions


Hey all,

I am a Technology Education teacher on Long Island, NY. I am bringing Open ROV to my school and I plan on using this amazing tool to teach students about Science, Engineering, and Technology in ways that have never been done before.

I am in the process of writing a new curriculum to accomplish this with. I am still in the planning phase, but I have already ordered an Open ROV 2.6v Kit. I am currently working on my budget. I was hoping I could ask a few questions here, so here it goes.


I need to purchase a new laptop...Does the software Open ROV cockpit UI work on both Mac and PC? Is one better than the other?

Water Tank-

I have read on the forums (or blog, can't remember) that someone used an old food container that worked well. Are there any tanks that anyone can recommend that I can just purchase?

Extra/Misc Items-

What adhesives will I need for the kit and is there anything else I should buy?

Thank you for your time and happy exploring to you all!