Tail fin section


I'm not sure if this is the right forum to post this in, but it seems fitting.

I was trying to deal with some of the pitch and roll that occurs when you dive or turn. I was trying to make the motors more "centered" on the ROV, so I made a 6"x6" (envelope dimension) tail fin section that's helped the maneuverability of the ROV. Im also working on an adjustable front wint that will stop the nose dive when you drive forward quickly. Another addition I've made is I've hardwired a 12V power supply onto the ROV and it plugs into a 12V power supply that plugs into a wall. So now I also do not have the battery tubes on the sub and it seems to handle well (although it has to be weighted down quite a bit)

1049-photo1.JPG (670 KB) 1050-photo2.JPG (643 KB)


I like it! ... Any video of the ROV with it's modifications??



I will upload as soon as I get a bug in the ROV OS figured out. In a quick solidworks (very quick) simulation it looked like it ran really well. We shall see how it actually turns out real world.


Cool!! Excited to see the flight patterns!


Very cool! Looking forward to seeing your progress.


I just finished up a testing session with this set up, although I wasnt able to take video this time. I put back on the battery tubes and am running off that power.

The tail section worked exactly as I had hoped. When you go down and up it now hold completely level. Also, it stopped the nose diving when you go full forward. Over all I am really happy with the way it handles now, it's much more stable.

I will try and get some video footage here soon. This is definitely something that I would recommend people experiment with.



Quite nice. Looks to be a good improvement.

It surely leads to a better flow pattern.