Syringe Vent - Needed on v.2.5? Anyone Pot Over it?


I understand that prior to v. 2.5 the end caps fit could be quite loose. In that case I see a need to relieve the pressure that builds up from sliding the end cap on.

However, with the 2.5 and later (I assume) the fit is quite snug. I'm considering potting over the syringe port. Has anyone else done that? Also do you cut the end of the plunger so it presses agains the inner plastic chassis to provide support?

Thank you all in advance.


You still need the syringe port for sure so don't pot over it! It doesn't need to press against the shell though. It just needs to have enough of a nub on it so that you can remove it.



Why do you say you need it? It seems like an easy point of failure, an unsecured movable rubber stub in a tiny hole.


The syringe is used to allow the tube to vent when you slide the encap into place. It's also used as a leak check port - see this blog post

If you're worried about failures, pot over the syringe hole on one side, and keep the other as a leak check port.



Good idea Walt. I can see the need for vacuum testing. Part of my issue was a misunderstanding of how the syringe is mounted. I had it inverted assuming that the plunger was held in place by the internal plastic structure of the electronics compartment. (oops)

I've potted over one and am leaving the other.