Surging motors tablet


We just got the joystick tablet for our Trident. When I hold either joystick, the motors surge irregularly. What could be causing this?

Sorry, as a new user, I cannot upload files or I’d post the video.

Here is a link to a YouTube upload. The other motors do the same thing, almost the same pattern. I don’t remember it doing this when connected to my phone, but I’d have to test it again.


Does the same thing happen when the motor speed is at Medium instead of Fast? If this does not happen at medium speed, then this is normal operation.

Fast mode should only be used in water to order to protect the motors (what you are seeing is the motors protecting themselves). When you are in water, the motors will operate continuously on the Fast setting.


Thanks Brian_Grau,

I noticed the same behaviour during my own testing and figured it was caused by the motors being in air. It is good to know.