Support of 3D web camera?



just a (maybe stupid) beginner question:

Would it be possible to use a 3D camera?

Can this video signal be send as easy as an normal webcam?

Or do you think this needs special efforts?




I don't know much about the 3D cameras. 3D always gives me a headache so I stay far away from it. The OpenROV Cockpit Server is using Linux UVC to as the driver for the camera. If your camera is listed here: You should be ready to plug-n-play. However, it may not yet be that simple. The Client is pulling the stream using MJPEG streamer that is firing on the Server and serving via port 8090 (I think it was 8090, it may be 9090. I would have to go look to verify). So you may need some additional tweaks to MJPEG streamer if it isn't behaving as expected.


For a live feed or recorded?

Someone told me that 3D video works great underwater because you have such a short depth of focus. We experimented with the 3D gopro rig (so not from the webcam but an additional camera payload), but it didn't have the flat dive lens so it didn't work well.

Also, this is something we could test separately form the ROV and integrate later on.