Suggested tips and advice for first time Trident users?


Hi All! This is a request for advice from veteran Trident divers.

We are expecting delivery of our family’s first Trident soon. In anticipation, I have been scouring this forum, the internet, Open Explorer and YouTube videos for user tips, things to expect and anything else helpful to know when our little girl arrives to our home.

What advice would you offer first time Trident users “knowing now, what you wished you knew then” when taking your first Trident dives? Thanks!



I’m still figuring it out but a few tips I can think of.

Set the power level to low, upper right corner of the cockpit screen. Faster makes it harder to control.

Try with Stabilize both on and off to see what you prefer.

Start in shallow, clear water where to can see how the Trident is responding to your controls. Better off a dock or shore than a drifting boat.

Start with no more tether than needed, the extra drag complicates controls when you are starting.

When you hook up the tether rotate the Trident around a few times to calibrate the compass, make note of where your direction indicator is, so you can orient yourself.

After use in saltwater I would recommend soaking the Trident in a tub of freshwater and running the motors for a minute or two to rinse the salt out, just a freshwater rinse does not seem sufficient. Use WD-40 or lubricant on the motors once it’s dry.




Hi Alaskasurf, thank you for the good advice! We will be using the Trident in saltwater and also planning to test the effectiveness of Start Brite “Salt Off” and Corrosion Block sprays.



I would highly recommend a product to spray on the motors called Corrosion X. I was trying some Rain X on my unit to keep it clean in dirty water but I found it was degrading the black rubber on the Trident side covers so I stopped.