Suddenly someone can help disassemble the drone with advice

I’m new to this forum and I need help, I’m from Russia - I can hear English well but speak badly. I am wildly sorry for invading this forum with a question about a non-OR underwater drone. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the information I needed anywhere else. It seems that Gladius mini drones are owned by not very technically inquisitive people. Here, I see a lot of experts who understand this issue. In addition, technical support from Gladius has not yet answered me. The fact is that after the next update, the drone stopped working. I can connect to the wifi network distributed by the drone control panel. After turning on the remote control, the drivers of the drone motors squeak, the lights light up for a short time. But after that, the phone does not see the drone. The light on the remote control blinks indicating an error. I took it apart, and as I understand it, I can’t spin the aluminum case because I don’t understand how to do it. I was going to cut him in circles with a saw, I want to get to his brains and try to reflash directly. Maybe there is something like an arduino inside? Then I glue it somehow. In addition, I have long wanted to make a removable battery for it. Suddenly someone has already sawed it and knows how to do it. Maybe I can connect through the connector and reflash it through the usb whistle?
Some fotos and video:

Thanks. Igor.

Hi Igor,

I wish I could help, but I am not familiar with Gladius.While I do have other ROVs, the Gladius is not one of them. I am not aware of anyone here who might be, but there might be a Trident owner who also has a Gladius.

I think before you open it up it might be best to see if you can get the schematics of it. I am no electronics expert, but I know that would be my first step.

I wish you luck on your repairs!