Sudden lost of communication/connection


Hi All, i have gotten my 2.8 up and running and already test in a pool max 18 feet depth for like an hour, there is no problem during this dive.
And yesterday trying to dive in a lake here, and this is what happen to me:

  1. intermittent lost of com. after like 10-20 min of dive i cant control the rov and lost connection to cockpit. take it back onshore and inspect everything, no flood in main/battery tube. try re connect usb and Lan cable still not working (no power the bbb).( i only drive it on water surface with full thrust, 5)
  • after like 5-10min of try everything i could (changing the battery and so on) still nothing
  • after a while then suddenly my rov boot up again.
  • and we dive again after checking everything. same thing happen after 10-20min, my rov is dead.
  • i try re-connect usb cable not working. then i open both of the battery endcap briefly for a short moment, no response (bbb not power up).
  • after a while the rov working again.
    i’am not able to do more test as my laptop battery is depleted… will try again next week

have anyone face the same problem?


Double check the tether connection in to the top side adapter. You can end up with one of the tether wires not plugged in far enough and it will loose connection which kill the 5V signal to the ROV shutting down the batteries.


@badevguru the connection is good. i have some time and tested again today. i think i figured out the problem, i was able to replicate the problem twice today. here is what happen, when im using full thrust TF=5, if i was going from forward to reverse (very quickly), then the problem happen.(sudden change of thrusters direction while on full thrust). after this happen, i cant make connection to ROV for about 10-15 min, i need to disconnect powers and batteryfor a while) disconnecting usb power to Topside adapter didnt help. maybe your team should look into this.


Are you running on the trustfire batteries? Batteries that have protection circuits built in behave exactly as you have described. You have to be careful to avoid overcurrent on those.

We will be adding back some motor smoothing behavior to the firmware that will help if folks are using the trustfire batteries still.

You can also use the thrust factor limit (keys 1-5) to prevent the behavior as well.

Let me know, I can point you to the software changes is that is the case.


yes it is, im using trustfire battery. the lifepo battery will be coming together next month, together with new set of 2.8 ROV. what software changes do you mean?
anyway, i will PM you one of these days, as im working on my own ROV and need help with some coding, i will be using 2.8 electronic as base…