Submarine meteorite hunt


Hi all,

great project! We just got two sets of parts laser-cut and are starting with the assembly...

We aim for using the OpenROV platform for hunting meteorites on the see floor (at certain,defined places), especially where it is too cold for human divers...

We are thinking of an articulated, robotic arm to either grapple meteorites up to a certain size, or mark them for later retrieval if too heavy. The arm will have a magnetic field sensor on one of its fingers, and a coil to exert an artificial magnetic field. The latter can also be used as metal detector. Both individually, or in combination, can be used to obtain information about the magnetic permeability of rocks.

Given the high iron and nickel content of meteorites, they should show a unique signature distinct from terrestric material.

We intend to participate with this project on the Santiago Mini Maker Fair later this year.

Regards and thanks to you all who made this platform a reality - David


Meteorites rust in water.