Sub Sea Positioning - GPS



I have been looking around for a sub sea positioning system and it looks like nothing is nor open nor affordable. So I decided to try building a proof of concept!

From all classic systems, I feel like the Intelligent Buoys is the simplest to deploy. I then started to play with the gps receiver I had received a few weeks ago. I plugged it into the arduino and could read the serial data!

I was quite happy and satisfied with this experiment until I compared the data with the iphone's gps...

As you can notice, there are serval minutes of difference between the two, and it seems to me quite a lot!

Does any of you have an idea why?




I found the issue: the code I had got was bugged!

It's now working fine and the GPS is actually quite accurate!

Next step: communicate the position to the computer and evaluate the distance...

Does anyone of you know a good arduino lib for gps coordinates calculation?

Kinds regards,



Hi Benoit :)

Do you need the algorithm, or the complete code ?



Dear Ion,

I have finally found TinyGPS which sounds to be a great GPS library for arduino.




OK Benoit:

wellcome :-)