Studio G comes to OpenROV (and another G+ Hangout for Educators)


We had an awesome group of young makers swing by the OpenROV HQ yesterday - the Studio G campers. The founder of Project H Design (and our neighbor), Emily Pilloton, is running a summer camp that teaches girls (ages 9-12) how to woodwork and weld. Pretty awesome.

They drove the robot, experimented with the pressure testing chamber, and learned about laser cutters. And, as always, the young explorers had great ideas for what they would explore using the ROV.

If you're interested in getting your kids or students involved with ocean exploration, we're hosting another G+ Hangout for educators next week - Tuesday the 23rd at 12pm PST - RSVP HERE.


Very Cool


Also, important to note: If you want to RSVP for the Hangout, you need to be in the OpenROV Communiy on G+ which you can join here: