Stuck on first power up


Hi all!

My team and I are trying to get to the cockpit. I've changed my adapter settings:

The topside interface board look like this (Power: green; Homeplug Connect: orange; Ethernet: orange):

And this is the behavior of the LEDs on the main controller board:

TPWR: green; HP: orange; ETH: orange; PWR: green; D13: red; D49: blinking red; BTX: off; BRX: off

When I go to, it just loads for a while then says webpage not available. Can anyone help us troubleshoot? We have ROV v2.6. We haven't messed around with the BBB at all, so it should just use the image that came with it right?


Hi Thais:

Wish I could help you here, but your hardware all looks to be working- the LED indications are perfectly normal. There must be something going on with the software- hopefully one of the software folks can give you a hand.



Start with the basics:

1) Can you ping

2) Are the settings you listed for the Ethernet connection (vs the wireless!)

3) What are the blue lights on the beaglebone doing? On boot you should see lots of activity across 3 lights. A bad sign would be one light on solid and one other just hardly flickering on every now and then.


Hey! Did you find your way around your problem?


Hi Cristian! So we got it to work as long as we have the software image on an sd card in the BeagleBone. For some reason, it's not working off of its flash image.