Stuck at 43% while updating Trident


I am currently applying the latest update to Trident firmware. It has been stuck at 43% now for over an hour. I still have 3 green lights but I am worried to brick my Trident if the update process is faulty. What would be the correct course of action? I am using the Singularity to update the Trident.


Hello, where did you het an update for Trident ? I have not received such information. Does it concern the video quality ? Best, Marc


I can’t even get mine to update. It’s stuck at “verifying internet connection” or whatever the phrase is. And I have the right wifi password, and the wifi works fine with phones and computers etc…


I am using the OpenROV Singularity and it prompted me to update yesterday. It needs to first connect to local WiFi to download the update, it took quite some time then on OpenROV’s Cockpit restart it prompted me to connect to Trident to update Trident’s firmware. It is still stuck at 43%.


Well the battery power ran out and the update was interrupted I guess at 43%. I charged the Trident and it came to life ok. However I do not know how I can double check if the update was successful. I do not see any changes in the OpenROV Cockpit software. Does anyone know how one checks the Trident’s firmware and how do I change the bitrate of the video file? My first dive’s video resulted in a rather pixelated video:


I have just started the trident app and there is no notice of an update. Could someone tell me what this update changes and how to get it ? I am leaving the
sardinian sea on wednesday and would really like to get a try to this update before leaving. Thanks !


I am sorry that I can not help you. The app just prompted an update when I started it yesterday. I hope someone can reply.


Thanks a lot ! Just strange that some receive it, other not ! Maybe better to stay with a working app as to test a new one … Again thanks for your kind reply !


I got the same prompt yesterday but didn’t want to update at that time (as I was about to start the dive).



If you start the cockpit for Trident there should be an little arrow in the right corner at the bottom of the box that has the Trident on the left side. That indicate that you have the new firmware. Just click on the arrow and follow the instruction.

You should not be connected to internet, you should be connected to Trident

Hope this will help


Thanks for this information. I have tried that way but at one time it continues blinking « verifying the internet connection ». After several trys I gave up.

I love my Trident but I hate software which seems not have been tested. As I use the controller delivered by OpenRov, hardware should not be a problem.

As there is no change log, you even do not see what you are trying to install …


I’m stuck at 50% for 25 minutes and I’m getting a bit nervous… I lost connection to the ROV at about 35% but it started up again…


Hello, did you solve the problem ? If yes, what is new with this « update » ?


I linked up my newly arrived Trident and Trident and Singularity controller. Was able to control the Trident immediately. But, the pre-installed Cockpit application indicated an upgrade is available. When I selected to upgrade I saw a message that the Trident was trying to connect to the Internet and nothing else happened.

As the Singularity controller can only connect to one WI-FI source at any one time I could not see how the upgrade can be downloaded to the Trident. So, I thought that there must be a download option for upgrades in the Cockpit app, but could not find that function.

Next step after reading this thread was to raise a support request. I then received the response below dated 18 MAY.

I must say the Support response is impressive. I had reason to contact Support re shipping and now my first technical question. In all cases response was within 24 hours. Well done Nicole on Support!

From Support: "We recently pushed an update that not all the Tridents are able to do. It is a maintenance update that doesn’t come with any new features or anything exciting. The big update (coming soon) which includes the on-board recording feature will also come with a new app and vehicle software package. In the next week or so we should see the next one.

So as odd as this might sound, for now, you can ignore the update that you are seeing. We will release new instructions (and a helpful video) for updating the vehicle and app soon."


With the big update, I hope OpenROV releases the instructions and helpful video so all backers have access, and not just those who have received their Tridents.


Thank you for the great news.