Streamlined Mini ROV for the Black Sea



Been following OpenROV progress and we are getting back into DIY ROV building so we are glad to have a knowledgeable group of people here to help with ideas and questions.

We are building a 74 ft steel motorsailer named SVSeeker and planned to build an ROV for use on the boat after it is launched about 3 years from now. But we were approached by a marine archaeologist working in the Black Sea. He want a streamlined mini ROV to be towed behind a side scan sonar so it can do a quick visual inspection of promising targets.

The challenge is that it must work at 3000 feet, talk over a single twisted pair, have multiple video cameras, great lighting, enough power to work in ocean currents, very low drag, and quickly swapable battery, thrusters, lights, and controller so it can be easily serviced and maintained. Oh, and it has to be relatively cheap, under $4K. The good part is that on a 10 hour mission it will likely only be in use for 1 hour. The rest of the time it just gets dragged along.

We are currently building a hyperbaric test chamber that will test the hull and thrusters to the equivalent of 4000 ft. (Photo)Test%20Chamber%20Grinding.jpg

Information we need.

* Any test data on open frame outrunners in seawater. Mean time between failure, etc.?

* Which motor/ESC/propeller combinations work well together?

* Any good resources for an echo sounder driven by an Arduino?

* Anyone seen or read anything about Lowrance StructureScan HD transducers at depth?

Thanks for your help

Doug and Kay