Streaming audio from ROV webcam with darkice and icecast2


I started a blog post about how to do this but here is a video showing the setup and associated problems. It would be great to have audio coming in from the ROV with super low lag if someone knows more about this!


Matthew, one thing to remember about audio and the water environment is that you really need to eliminate the air barrier between the surrounding water and the microphone. I've been slowly working on a prototype to attach to the kit that encases a piezoelectric mic in marine grade oil, thus ensuring that the frequency characteristics of the ambient noise are unmolested via an air media barrier. Just using the on-board camera mic is going to give you a deal of noise and improper audio measurements. So much noise from the motors, and we need to filter this out in order to gather high fidelity sound information.

My initial thoughts is to have an external mic wired to a secondary unit, pre-processing and then publishing up the wire...but haven't made an progress on that yet.


However, interesting video nonetheless. Can you explain the setup and location? The 'pink' barier and ball on a wire?


This was in the test tank at the OpenROV office. Eric put lots more stuff in the tank after we did our first live stream from an ROV to the internet. That explains the ball with a happy face, secret note on the bottom, etc.

Your concerns about the mic not being in the water sound good to me. I would be OK with audio being off frequency and having motors noise etc if it was lower lag. My main interest is to have low lag audio and video for a more immersive driving experience when the new occulus rift comes out. Kids are going to love it.

Compressing the audio takes a bit of work it seems. You would cringe if you saw what I setup the bitrate etc(just about as low as the software would go) at for this test so that it wouldn't lag the video stream! A dedicated encoder chip or maybe a second beaglebone might be cool? Especially since you seem interested in audio from a more true standpoint while I am looking for approximate experience.

As for other setup info The main tutorial I used was here and made for Rpi. You need to install a bunch of dependencies, compile Darkice, comment out the unused servers in the config, and I could only get mp2 to work. I think it might be worth trying voice chat software for video games as a 2nd quick route. Something like Teamspeak?


Is there any other option instead of OpenROV Controller Board v2.6 & OpenROV Topside Interface Board v2.6


hi folks,
did one one you succeed in getting audio? i found it very amazing to listen to the noise you collect with external camera, would be great if you can hear that while you dive