Static IP without router?


Last week I got my ROV and have been working with it at my desktop. I plugged it into my router, brought up the router control web browser to discover the ROV's assigned IP address ( and was able to access the ROV cockpit through a web browser to test its functionality.

My question is how does the ROV get a static IP when you are not hooked up to a router?

My assumption has been that out "in the field" the ROV would be directly connected to my laptop (Windows 7) via the the USB powered HomePlug adapter. However, when I powered down the ROV and tested this scenario the ROV is unable to obtain an IP address when it boots up and thus no way to connect to it from the web browser.

I used Wireshark (a network sniffing protocol analyzer) on my laptop to see what network traffic the ROV was doing during bootup. I could see the ROV make three low level "Router Solicitation" messages during the bootup sequence. However, since my computer is not a router no IP could be assigned to the ROV.

Thoughts? What is the approach for getting the IP of the ROV when not connected to a router?




Hi Marcus,

the static IP of the ROV is

You have to change the adapter-settings of your computer to

Windows 7:

Start --> Computer --> Network --> Network and Sharing Center --> change adapter settings --> click right on your LAN-connection "properties" --> see "IP_settings.jpg" for details

maybe you have to disconnect an reconnect your LAN-adapter



1443-IP_settings.JPG (127 KB)


Awesome! Setting my IP to a static value and navigating to I was able to bring up the ROV cockpit interface without a router.

Thank you..