State of the software? - And a few ideas


Hey guys!

You really do an awesome job here! I really looking forward for the details on the electronics or even the availability of a kit.I really wan't to go and check out some spots around the local lakes here (I'm from Switzerland and go scuba diving here regularly). I'm not really an electronics guy (yet), so can't help there too much.

I'm rather interested in software and could probably help with that. I'm not sure how far you are with the software and if what is in the openrov-software repo on github really is the latest version.

I could probably help you with getting the UI further and help with integrating the on board cam (from the recent blog post I assume that's not working yet).

I just had an idea about some kind of simulator, for example running a small linux install on a virtual machine (VirtualBox for example) utilizing or the Arduino Simulator ( That could make software development a lot easier.

Cheers, Dominik


Actually, the software has been pretty stable for a while. The biggest problem has been getting a reliable power source to it - our 9v battery solution needs a little work, but should greatly improve performance very soon.

As for the software, I just updated the Github and added a development branch with instructions on how to get up and running (at least the steps I've taken) so far. We are looking for ways to improve this, but there's so many other things to work on. We have a direction for the interface, but nothing started yet. I'll be making a video early next week describing how we would like the interface to work and another video describing the architecture of the software.

The VirtualBox idea sounds really interesting. I'd love to see what you come up with. Thanks!