Starting to build OpenROV v2.7


I bought the OpenROV v2.7 Kit in August 2015 (right before the 2.8 came out). After a very long delay I’m just now getting around to putting it together.

Are there any upgrades or replacement components I should buy before I start building? I’d love to be able to upgrade components to take advantage of the 2.8 improvements, particularly the 100 m depth and additional servo channel / PWM channel.



You might want to consider the 2.x to 2.8 Battery Tube Upgrade Kit if you want to dive to 100 meters.


Thank you! Will do!



I second what TCIII says. The new battery tubes are the most important 2.8 feature that can be applied to an older 2.7 vehicle.

To dive past ~70m safely, you’ll need to upgrade the main tube from 1/8" to 3/16" thickness. I don’t know if the thicker tubes are sold in the store.

As for the wiring for the external lights and servo, if you are handy with a soldering iron it is an easy modification for a 2.7 controller board. There’s no need to upgrade your controller board just for these features.



Thanks! I just found this useful guide as well: